java.rmi.ConnectException question

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java.rmi.ConnectException question

Postby bingcat » Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:17 am


I tried to run sun-tutorial example on two computers. One computer as the server and another one as the client. The server is running on IP port: 111.111.111

I changed the server code as below:
String name = "//111.111.111/Compute";
try {
Compute engine = new ComputeEngine();
Naming.rebind(name, engine);
System.out.println("ServerComputeEngine bound");

When I tried to run it, it says:

ComputeEngine exception: Connection refused to host: 111.111.111; nested exception is: Connection refused: connect

Is there any tutorial on how to configure both server side and client side eclipse? The example file seems all the client and server are running on the same computer.

Thank you very much!

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