Getting better support for RMI Plugin for Eclipse.

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Getting better support for RMI Plugin for Eclipse.

Postby genady » Fri Mar 04, 2005 9:11 pm

Dear RMI Plugin user,

We are doing our best to provide you with the best service we can offer.
Please help us to serve you better by performing the steps below before submitting a support question, and include the resutls in your initial support request.
Note that these instructions apply to version 1.6 only.

Locate and provide some general information:
  • Version of the RMI Plugin for Eclipse
  • OS name and version
  • All installed JDK/JRE versions
  • The version of the JDK you use for your project.
  • The version of the JDK you use as the workspace default (the one that is checked in the JREs preferences page)
  • License key number (if customer)
  • Save the contents of the Eclipse error log. The error log is located in the ".metadata" subdirectory of your workspace directory. You can also open the log file by opening the Errors Log view ("Window->Show View->Error Log), right clicking on the view area and choosing "Open Log" from the context menu.
Try performing manual build:
  • Exit eclipse
  • Rename/move/delete the log file (make sure to have a copy!)
  • Using window explorer, find all stub files and delete them (both *.class and *.java if you use the "-keep" option, only *.class files otherwise).
  • Start eclipse
  • Select all projects, and select "Refresh" from the context (right click) menu.
  • Manually build the stubs (using the project's context menu)
  • Check the log file and include it in your support request. That will be the second copy of the log file you send (you should have saved another copy in the "General Information" section).

Try performing incremental build:
(Perform these steps on one or more of the remote server classes)
  • If you keep the stub sources, locate them in the package explorer and delete them.
  • If you use only the generated ".class" files, locate them in the output folder using the navigator view (Window->Show View->Navigator)
    Do not delete these files outside Eclipse (Eclipse does not like that). It will cause "resource out of sync" errors.
  • Open any remote interface that was implemented by the classes whose stubs you have just deleted (that's correct, open the interface and not
    the remote class that implements it).
  • For some remote method, add a new exception to the throws clause (e.g, throws RemoteException, FileNotFoundException)
  • Make sure your project builds ok (you may see some java errors at this point, but that's ok)
  • Remove the exception you have added.
  • Check whether the stubs were generated and whether there is additional contents in the log file.

The whole point of these steps was to trigger the RMI Builder to incrementally generate the stub files.
The RMI Plugin uses internal heuristics to avoid unnecessary compilations. Therefore, modifying the remote server
class will not trigger the compilation.

Now please email the resutls of these tests (you should have three copies of the log file) to, and we will do our best to assist you.

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